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The Ceol Chanter is the latest version of our prize-winning McCallum chanter and was released in 2018. It is made from Polypenco or wood, and the poly version of the Ceol Chanter is supplied as standard with our pipes. These chanters are a quality product, producing a true tone for the discerning ear. Each chanter carries the McCallum Bagpipes marking, your guarantee of workmanship to the highest standards.

We have the option of several very different and attractive soles, ranging from the basic shaped standard non-sole finish right up to the highly decorative and extremely eye-catching engraved silver sole.

With McCallum Bagpipes pipe chanters featuring in a number of major championship-winning performances at the highest level of competition, it is no surprise that no less than 15 of the world’s finest pipe bands have selected our chanter to deliver their musical presence.

McCallum Bagpipes pipe chanters win championships:

  • Bagad Cap Caval – Overall winners of the 2008 Breton Bagad Championships and the 2008 World Pipe Band Championships in Grade 2
  • Peel Regional Police Pipe Band – Winners of the 2010 North American Championships
  • Strathclyde Police Pipe Band – Winners of the Scottish, British, European and Cowal Highland Gathering major championship titles in Grade 1
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