Fred Morrison Reelpipes

Fred Morrison ReelpipesMcCallum Bagpipes and Fred Morrison have worked in collaboration to combine 20 years of virtuoso piping experience with top end craftsmanship skills to develop the new range of Fred Morrison Reelpipes.

Fred Morrison is a household name in the world of piping, known for his prowess on the Great Highland Bagpipe but also for his highly successful career performing on stages across the globe on the Reelpipes, or Border pipes as they are also known.

In recent years, there has been something of a Reelpipe revolution. Many highland pipers have already discovered the benefits of adding Reelpipes to their instrumental repertoire. In the key of ‘A’ (440 Hz) and with a softer, somewhat sweeter tone than the Great Highland Bagpipes, Reelpipes can be played to great effect with other instruments. For Highland pipers, the transition is quite straight-forward; the fingering is the same and the bellows action is relatively simple to master. Mouth-blown sets are also available.

Fred Morrison Reelpipes are finished with plain or engraved nickel, Sterling silver or gold plate in a choice of four designs – Celtic, Thistle, Victorian Scroll & Zoomorphic.

Fred Morrison and McCallum Bagpipes work closely together to ensure that each and every set of Reelpipes meets their exacting standards. Full specifications and purchasing options are available online at the Fred Morrison Pipes website.

Look & Listen

Open the Fred Morrison Reelpipes brochure and find out more about Reelpipes while listening to Fred Morrison perform a virtuoso live set.


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Please contact Fred if you have any questions about Fred Morrison Reelpipes.

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