Scottish Smallpipes

We have recently introduced smallpipes to our range of quality instruments. Engineered to produce the same high standards in appearance and tone that have made our bagpipes renowned the world over, this instrument provides great playing pleasure and satisfaction to the owner.

Available in a range of finishes, our smallpipes are mouth-blown and are fitted with a Bannatyne synthetic bag, velvet cover, Ezeedrone reeds.  Our smallpipes are available in the key of ‘A’ or ‘D’, or a combination set with four drones which are capable of playing in both keys.

How Do They Sound?

Fred Morrison talks about smallpipes in the keys of A and D, and also the combination A/D set in the videos below. The Fred Morrison Smallpipes are manufactured by McCallum Bagpipes in Kilmarnock.

You can watch more videos featuring McCallum Bagpipe products on our YouTube channel.

Working closely with the internationally acclaimed piper Fred Morrison, we have developed the new Fred Morrison Reelpipes. Now played by many of today’s top pipers, Fred Morrison’s Reelpipes have found immediate interest with Highland and folk pipers alike. Fred Morrison Reelpipes are available in both bellows-blown and mouth-blown designs.

Check Out the Range

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Find Out More

For information on prices and availability of McCallum Bagpipes smallpipes, please contact us or one of our approved dealers for further details.

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