MG Reeds

MG ReedsMG Reeds represents a sound partnership between McCallum Bagpipes and Rory Grossart. The business unites their knowledge and skills to bring to you reeds for the Great Highland Bagpipe of the finest quality in both workmanship and sound.


Our synthetic drone reeds have been designed to give the best possible combination of harmonics from the bass and tenor drones, utilising man made materials to ensure richness of tone, stability of sound, reliability and repeatability.


We also specialise in production of cane bass and tenor drone reeds. Our cane drone reeds are hand crafted using traditional methods and only the finest quality cane.


MG Reeds also manufactures world class chanter reeds which are perfectly suited to the McCallum Bagpipes pipe chanter range.


New to MG Reeds is our own brand pipe bag seasoning, essential for maintaining all skin pipe bags.

Custom Needs

MG Reeds is able to custom make drone reeds to suit your exact specifications. Do you have an unusual or problematic bagpipe? Or maybe you require a special pitch or different volume? We are happy to discuss your particular needs and work with you to find the perfect sound for your instrument.

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