McCallum Folk Pipes

The Folk Pipes have been designed by McCallum Bagpipes to play along with other instruments, allowing the piper to use a blowing and bag pressure technique as they would with Highland pipes. The low A note on the chanter is tuned to concert pitch A (440Hz) which means that the pipes will naturally play in the keys used by other musicians when playing traditional/folk music. The pipes come set-up, ready to play with covers and cords, a synthetic bag, moisture control system, chanter reed and synthetic drone reeds.

McCallum PC1, PC2 and PC4 Coloured Practice Chanters


New Zealand summer school, Christchurch

The annual Christchurch summer school was another great hit this year with a smashing high enrolment of 162 in attendance.
Many congratulations to all those who took part.  The tune writing competition that 
McCallum Bagpipes sponsors was a big hit also and very keenly contested.  Jack Lee
awarded the winners their well deserved prizes. 
The famous wee McCallum towles were given away to all the other honourable mentions.
Click on the tune names below to see the successful entries.

 1st Prize

Ben Murray  Tune-Imposter Benson, hornpipe. 

Winning the McC2 chanter 




2nd Prize

Morgan Tabuteau Tune- The Piper, 2/4 march.

Winning the McCallum Full Alloy PC9 practice chanter



3rd Prize

Sue Muir Tune-Dillemic Crossing, 2/4 march. 

Winning the McCallum Full Alloy PC7 practice chanter

McCallum Pipe Chanters win 1st 2nd & 3rd

The final of the Bagad National Championship (grade 1) was held as it is every year at the Festival Interceltic of Lorient.  After this final, Bagad Kemper were crowned Champions of Brittany for the 20th time.

In this competion the three highest ranked pipes corps all played with McCallum pipe chanters.









(Bagad Kemper 2012 Champions)

Pipe Corps Results (Lorient contest)

1st          Bagad Cap Caval          2nd          Bagad Brieg          3rd          Bagad Kemper

Overall (Lorient contest)

1st          Bagad Kemper              2nd          Bagad Brieg          3rd          Bagad Cap Caval

2012 Championship

1st          Bagad Kemper              2nd          Bagad Cap Caval          3rd          Kevrenn Alre

 The McCallum Bagpipe chanter that has been so successful for the bands is called the Breton chanter which is slightly lower pitched to blend in with the bombards and the coloured buttons are inserted into the holes so that the pipers can play C natural and F natural without changing their fingering.

Red Stick Regional

Congratulations to David Corbett of Marion, Arkansas who won Piper of the Day at this EUSPBA piping competition in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA.  It is only the 2nd time this event has been held but with a good attendance this year and everybody being so enthusiastic and having such a great day there are sure to be many more to come.

David Corbett(centre) receiving his McCallum Bagpipes Full Alloy Practice Chanter from judges John Rcknagel and Iain Macey

Below all the participants at the event plus Izmir the guide dog who helped his owner to the judges table. 

Annual pre-worlds concert

Glasgow Skye Association Pipe Band
presents live in concert on the 8th August at 7.30pm at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall



Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band


Boghall & Bathgate Caledonia Pipe Band.  moved up the prize list to fourth place and they are also 2012 British Champions drum corps.

“The concert will be a fantastic night of entertainment, not to be missed. Ticket sales are going well, so if you are going to be here, book as soon as possible, it was a complete sell out last year.”

McCallum Bagpipes will be attending the concert and donating a set of bellows blown smallpipes for the raffle so don’t forget to buy a ticket or two.

Piping Hot Summer Drummer 2012

The first week of this years Piping Hot Summer Drummer event has been another great success, with 80 pipers taking part and having a wonderful time.  Many congratulations to the three prize winners all receiving their McCallum Prizes from Jack Lee.

Alistair Bevan


   1st Prize went to Alistair Bevan with a slow air “Hills of Silver”




Taylor Pettit



   2nd Prize went to Taylor Pettit with a jig “The Bonnie Ghillie”



Karen Campbell


  3rd Prize went to Karen Campbell with a waltz “Ali and Andrew’s Wedding”






Australian Pipe Band Assoc. Summer School 2012

Jack Lee said “The APBA summer school was again very well run.  The facilities were top-notch and we combined a lot of piobairchd, light music and pipe band instruction during the week.”

The results for the music writing competition were

1st    Morning Rush Hour by Sally-Anne Richter

2nd  Marching out St. George’s by Wey Shi Ong  

3rd  Macleod College by Adam Wishart

The winners were all delighted to be awarded McCallum chanters.








From left to right, Wey Shi Ong, Adam Wishart, Sally-Anne Richter and Jack Lee

Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Assoc. Summer School

“The annual New Zealand summer school was another big success.  There were over 200 students in attendance.  The pipers were encouraged to write original compositions and submit them to a group of adjudicators.  The 3 winning tune-writers were delighted to be awarded McCallum chanters”.

1st James Wansink with the tune ‘Wee Johnny’

2nd Mike Wellwood with the tune ‘Duncan, Ross, Malcolm and Mans’

3rd Fiona Smith with the tune ‘Aunty Jeans’ Jig’






From left to right, James Wansink, Fiona Smith, Mike Wellwood and Jack Lee


New Product (Practice chanter & goose combination)

New product from McCallum Bagpipes; Practice chanter and goose combination. 

As you can see from the photographs you can play it as a practice chanter or you can seperate the practice chanter and add it to the goose bag and play it as a goose.  It is also better value than buying the items separately.

It is available with the McCallum PC1, PC2 & PC4.  Please contact your local distributor for info.

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