Our Team

We are extremely proud of the fantastic team we have at McCallum Bagpipes. Each one of them is committed to providing the best possible quality production and customer service in the products you choose to invest in.

Stuart McCallum – Managing Director

Stuart is our manufacturing director/boss. He makes sure that the factory runs like clockwork.

Kenny MacLeod – Managing Sales Director

Kenny is our sales director/boss. Kenny keeps us all busy by bringing in new orders and he also deals with our after sale service.

Willie McCallum – Product Development

Willie McCallum helps work us work on product development. Willie’s his son Scott also works in our assembly team.

Sharon McCallum – Pay Roll
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Sharon is very important to McCallum Bagpipes as she is in charge of all of our wages! Sharon makes sure we all get paid on time.

Emma McCallum – Directors Assistant

Emma is the daughter of Stuart and Sharon McCallum, Emma recently joined the business this year to help Stuart out.

Ross McCallum – Factory

Ross is Stuart and Sharon’s son who currently works out in the factory part time while he finishes his studying.

Jacqui Leask – Accounts
Jacquie Leask

Jacqui is part of our accounts team. She keeps our accounts in order at all times and is always busy invoicing.

Margaret Burley – Accounts

Margaret Burley

Margaret also works in our accounts team, she has worked in this team for many years and knows exactly how everything works.

 Marion Hamilton – Accounts

Marion is the newest member of the accounts team who also works hard to keep our accounts in order.

Hilary Kilbride – Highland Dress Supervisor
Hilary Bryce

Hilary is our highland dress supervisor. Hilary is also married to our very own Stevie Kilbride who works in our dispatch team.

Andrew Gallacher – Highland Dress/ Assembly

Andy mostly works with our assembly team however he also helps Hilary out in our highland dress shop when we are busy. Although we are not too sure if he is actually any help to Hilary!

David Wallace – Highland Dress

David helps out in our Highland Dress shop on Saturdays and if required also helps out in the factory when he can.

Ian Todd – Small Pipes

Ian works as part of our Small Pipe team, he is a small pipe expert and is excellent at making high quality pipes.

Robert Allison – Small Pipes

Robert also works as part of our Small Pipe team. Robert is also great at his job in producing pipes of the highest quality along side Ian.

Andrew Bell – Factory/ Small Pipes
Andrew Bell

Andy manufactures the small pipes in the factory before passing them into Ian and Robert

John Wilson – Health & Safety
John Wilson

John is our health and safety advisor, John also manufactures the Ulliean Bagpipes.

Robert Eynon -Workshop Foreman

Robert is our workshop foreman. He is in charge of making sure all our bagpipes are manufactured to an excellent standard.

Andrew McFarland – Factory Supervisor
Andy McFarland

Andy is our manufacturing supervisor, his job is to help Robert manufacture high quality bagpipes quickly and efficiently.

Steven McFarland – Factory
Steven McFarland

Steven works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes, he is the brother of our manufacturing supervisor Andy McFarland.

Sean McLardy – Factory

Shaun has worked with us for many years, he also works our in the factory manufacturing our bagpipes and products.

Thomas Murphy – Factory

Picture coming soon

Tommy works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes. Tommy is also apparently very camera shy – so he says!!

Billy Dalziel – Factory

Billy Dalziel

Billy also works in the factory manufacturing bagpipes. He has worked with us for many years so know exactly how everything should be done and his son Stephen Dalziel also works with us.

Stephen Dalziel – Factory

Stephen works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes. Stephen is also Billy’s son.

Allan Rorison – Factory

Allan works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes. Allan has also worked with us for many years starting with us when he was only a teenager.

James Brodlie – Factory

Jim works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes, he is also one of our health and safety supervisors.

Les Bryden – Factory

Les works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes. Fun fact Les is also a fully qualified fitness instructor.

Euan Beck – Factory

Picture coming soon

Euan works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes. Euan is another one of our very camera shy employees.

Eric Connor – Factory

Eric works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes.

James Marshall – Factory

Jim Marshall

Jim works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes. Fun Fact – James nick name at work is ‘Tractor Jim’ (don’t ask us why)

Lewis McCallum – Factory/ Assembly

Lewis works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes. Lewis is Stuarts nephew and has worked with us full time since he finished his studies at university.

Jack Innes – Factory

Picture coming soon

Jack works out in the factory manufacturing the bagpipes. Jack is the newest member to join our manufacturing team and is also one of the very camera shy employees that we have!

Richard Gibson – Assembly Supervisor

Richard is our assembly/dispatch team supervisor. He is in charge of making sure all the bagpipes get out the door quickly and efficiently.

Stevie Kilbride – Dispatch Team 

Stevie works in our dispatch team and works hard to make sure all our parcels get out the door on time, he is also married to Hilary our Highland Dress Supervisor. Stevie claims to be the happiest employee in the factory!

Gavin Nicol – Assembly

Gavin works in our assembly team making sure all our pipes are assembled correctly before being passed to be dispatched.

Scott McCallum -Assembly

Scott also works in our assembly team. Scott is also the son of Willie McCallum.

Ian Plunkett – Assembly

Ian is the newest member of our assembly team who works part time to help get the bagpipes assembled and out to customer. Ian is also a retired Police Officer and a well-known piper!

Scott Figgins – Assembly

Scott works with us part time when he is free. Scott helps out in the assembly team whenever he is able to.

Donald Stewart – Assembly

Donald also works with us part time helping in assembly.

Doris McCluskey – Maid of all works

Picture coming soon

Doris is our maid of all works!! Doris make sure everything is always sparkling and clean.

Rory Grossart – MG Reeds Managing Director

Rory Grossart

Rory runs and manages MG reeds which is located within McCallum Bagpipes factory.

Chris Lee – MG Reeds

Chris is one of our newest members. He works along with Rory in MG Reeds.

Andrew Davies – MG Reeds

Andrew has also just recently joined Rory’s team, helping him make reeds.

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