Our Team

We are extremely proud of the fantastic team we have at McCallum Bagpipes. Each one of them is committed to providing the best possible quality production and customer service in the products you choose to invest in.

Josh Aitken – Factory
Josh Aitken

In his spare time he DJs locally and plays 5-a-side football.  He is also a semi-proffesional karaoke singer and keeps us all entertained at the Christmas parties where we have to fight with him to get the microphone back.  His favourite song is YMCA by the Village  People or Angel by Robbie Williams who Josh styles himself on.

Andrew Bell – Factory
Andrew Bell

Andy  competes at solos and is currently gaining his teaching certificates at the College of Piping.   Andy is also known as the Haribo kid due to his likeness to the famous sweety boy.

Margaret Burley – Accounts
Margaret Burley

Loves getting away to visit her family in Italy (we are not sure if it’s to see the family or for the wine) and is partial to a pint of wine or two.

Hilary Kilbride – Highlandwear Supervisor
Hilary Bryce

Supervisor of our highlandwear department, loves a wee drink with the girls and HATES computers.  Hilary just got married last year to a very handsome intelligent sophisticated man, well kinda, our very own Stevie Kilbride, and God willing we should hear the pitta patta of tiny feet along soon.


Billy Dalziel – Factory
Billy Dalziel

One of three fanatical fly-fisherman at McCallum Bagpipes. Caravaning with his family and walking with his dog are his other passions.  Billy has a degree in Brewing and Distilling and regularly missing weeks off work when things don’t go to plan.  His garden hut has exploded on 4 occasions.

Anne Doyle – Assembly/Dispatch Supervisor
Anne Doyle

The evil mastermind behind the scenes

Robert Eynon – Foreman
Robert Eynon

Has been piping for more than 15 years and making them nearly as long.  Brian as his friends call was the inspiration behind the film character Shrek.  The producers spent almost 2 months at McCallums watching and studying Brian and catching all his movements actions and mannerisms for Shrek to copy, they did have to tone it down a bit for the film as it is directed at kids.


Andy Gallacher – Lay About

Andrew Gallacher

Andy is the new member of the Highland Dress Department and is of absolutely no help to Hilary at all.  He used to be a stuntman in Bollywood until a serious injury cut his career short  but now spends his spare time knitting tank tops and booties for small show dogs.

 Richard Gibson – Factory Supervisor
Richard Gibson

Used to play with Cumnock & District Pipe Band but is a keen guitarist now and another of McCallum’s fly-fishing fraternity.  He loves to dress up as Noddy Holder at weekends as he has been a big influence in Richards life.

Graham Goodwin – MG Reeds
Graham Goodwin

Works through with Rory in the MG Reeds department. Plays the trombone and is daft about cars, well just daft really.

Rory Grossart – MG Reeds
Rory Grossart

Makes reeds and plays with the ScottishPower Pipe Band.

Stevie Kilbride – Dispatch/Percussion
Stevie Kilbride

After all these years he’s still teaching drumming all over the world. He competes with Bagad Breig and loves cake. Please don’t ask him about Madonna!  Stevie also has an amazing collection of buttons and when he has a spare weekend he travels all over Britain in his camper van looking for unusual and rare buttons.  Don’t be afraid to approach him at the Highland games and contribute to his collection.

Jacquie Leask – Accounts
Jacquie Leask

Dedicated mum who lives for her family holidays.  Unfortunately one of her sons is Stevie Leask (see below) but she does have two others that make her proud.

Steven Leask – Assembly
Steven Leask

Steven is trying to grow the longest fringe in Britain and occasionally helps us out on Saturdays ‘pretending’ to work then returns on Monday’s to being a tax dodging lay about student.  No offence intended !

Kenny MacLeod – Boss Man
Kenny MacLeod

Kenny plays with Greater Glasgow Police Scotland Pipe Band and lives on his own wee planet which is powered by fairy dust.

Jim Marshall – Factory
Jim Marshall

Family man at heart and in his spare time loves working on old scrappers.  His nickname at work is Interesting Tractor Jim.

Sharon McCallum  – VIP
Picture coming soon

Very important person within McCallum Bagpipes.  Sharon makes sure we all get our wages.

Stuart McCallum – Boss Man
Stuart McCallum

Been piping now since he was 14 which was at least 60 years ago!!! and currently plays the new My Little Pony design of pipes.

Willie McCallum – Product Development

Willie McCallum

Developer and prize winner with the McC² Solo Chanter made at McCallum Bagpipes.

Andy McFarland – Factory Supervisor
Andy McFarland

Has just become a first time dad so if he gets any spare time ever again he’ll go back to what he loves to do; climbing, squash and tennis.  Andy is also a qualified pigeon trainer and has a huge collection of beautiful birds.  He has trained some of the finest birds in Scotland. This has always been a McFarland family tradition and one day Andy hopes to pass it down to his wee daughter Lily.

Steven McFarland – Factory
Steven McFarland

Die hard football fan, BMX daft and loves a beer or 2 or 3 or 4…  Stevo cycles to work everyday on his unicycle and has attracted loads of local fans who wave and gesticulate at him every morning on the roads to work, Stevo always waves back vigourously.

Sean McLardy – Factory
Sean McLardy

Mad for heavy metal and football takes in rescued reptiles and has currently housing bearded dragons big scary spiders, snakes lizards and a tortoise.  Soon Sean will be homelss when the animals take over

Gavin Nicol – Assembly

Gavin Nicol

Has been the Pipe Major at Maybole Pipe Band for 20 years.  He loves teaching the pipes and getting his band on trips all round the world.  Gavin has also been mistaken for the naked rambler and we can all understand that when he shows up to work with just his piece box.

Alan Rorison – Factory

Alan Rorison

Started off on an apprenticeship and now full time member of the team. Likes quad biking. Hates Mondays. Allan volunteers at his local old folks home at the weekends and he teaches the residents new types of dance moves from pop through to rave.

Ian Todd – Factory

Ian Todd

Has put his highland pipes in the cupboard after more than 45 years and is passionate now about the smallpipes, which he plays in a folk band with brother Jim.

Mitchell Walker – Factory

Mitchell Walker

Plays with Troon Blackrock Pipe Band competes at the solos. Currently learning Piobaireachd from Willie McCallum.  We believe that Mitchell is a reincarnated sloth and after this picture was taken he had to take a wee lie down because smiling is so exhausting.

Davy Wallace – Factory

Davy Wallace

Currently learning the pipes and hoping to join Maybole Pipe Band. Davy is in the Guiness book of records as Scotlands hairiest man and has been given special breaks during the working day to shave.  Once on a camping weekend when he forgot his special razor people mistook him for Big Foot and reported it to the Police.  After an extensive search through the Cairngorms National Park and the use of a special dart gun they discovered it was just oor Davie.


John Wilson – Health & Safety

John Wilson

Has been playing the pipes for over 35 years.  He spends his spare time between golfing and taking part in Napoleonic Battle Reenactments.  John is of course the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte and loves to dress up as his hero.

Donald McKillop – All round good guy and snappy dresser


young donaldDonald 18yrs

donaldDonald 68yrs

Donald is the newest member of the McCallums’ team and admittedly the campest.  Donald is out and proud and he and his life partner Nigel have just recently returned from Las Vegas where they celebrated their Civil Partnership after spending 18 years together in bliss.  The happy couple are hoping to visit China this year to adopt a baby to complete their happy family.  Everyone at McCallum Bagpipes wishes Donald and Nigel all the best for the future.

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