Pipe Chanter Survey

Some exciting news about McCallum pipe chanters.

In a Piper and Drummer survey and article on their web site entitled What the world’s top pipe band pipe-sections are playing it was discovered that 50% of the grade one bands were playing McCallum Pipe Chantersin the 2011 season.

 Here’s what they said,

 “Only 20 years ago the types of chanters being played at the Grade 1 level numbered maybe four. Forty years ago that number was probably fewer. In 2011, though, a total of nine varieties were counted, with McCallum plastic chanters most popular with more than 34% of bands competing with them. Interestingly, 19% of bands went out with blackwood Sinclair chanters – famously expensive instruments that are generally accepted to require very adept players to handle their tuning requirements. McCallum blackwood chanters make strong headway in third spot, with nearly 16% of respondents playing them, meaning that McCallum owns more than 50% of the market surveyed when the small percentage of bands playing McCallum MC2 chanters is factored.

 McCallum is the runaway leader in terms of manufacturers”

 View the full article at http://www.pipesdrums.com/ViewObject.aspx?sys-Portal=57&sys-Class=Article&sys-ID=18831



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